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Other Band Buttons

Harmonia and Color Humano 2-button set


Two buttons, one based on Harmonia's Musik Von Harmonia cover, and one based on Color Humano's II cover. Limited run. 1.5" buttons..

Agitation Free 2-button set


Two Agitation Free buttons based on Malesch and 2nd covers. Limited run. 1.5" buttons..

Can 2-button set


Two Can buttons. Based on Tago Mago and Ege Bamyasi covers. Limited run. 1.5" buttons..

This Heat 2-button set


Two This Heat logo buttons. Limited run. 1.5" buttons..

NEU! buttons


Two NEU! logo buttons, similar to NEU 1 and NEU 75 album covers. Limited run. 1.5" buttons.